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Reiss & Co., established in 1863 in The Netherlands, started operations in the then Gold Coast in 1952 and later became Reiss & Co (Ghana) Ltd.

Today, Reiss & Co (Ghana) Ltd is a multi-divisional technical trading house, representing first-class overseas manufacturers through its four distinct divisions, i.e. agriculture, veterinary,  information technology, and industrial health and safety. 

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Reiss & Co has once again been recognized as one of the top businesses in Ghana, placing 87th at the 19th edition of the Ghana Club 100 Awards.

This is the sixth time Reiss & Co. has made it to the elite Ghana Club 100 list after placing 52nd, 88th, 96th, 99th, and 47th in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018 respectively.

This year, Reiss & Co. celebrates seventy (70) years of doing business in Ghana and is proud to have contributed to the development of Ghana’s enviable status as a cocoa-growing cocoa country through the provision of farming implements, agrochemicals, and training of farmers in the sector.

The Managing Director, Mr. Jeffery Sowa expressed his gratitude for being recognized by the Ghana Investment Promotions Center and mentioned that the business is poised to continue serving the Ghanaian market with top-quality products that are not manufactured here in Ghana.

Asked why the business discontinued the pharmaceutical operations, he explained that with the establishment of pharmaceutical companies in Ghana that produced world-class drugs, it was just right to leave that industry for these companies to thrive to their full potential and not have to import similar and competing products into the market. “We believe in local entrepreneurs and their ability to produce top quality products, so we thought it wise to leave that space and focus on other areas of our business that the local entrepreneurs are not serving,” he said.

Last year, the Managing Director won the Youth Icon of the Year at the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry Leadership Achievement Awards and bagged Ghana’s Most Respected CEO Awards, Agrochemical Category.


More Than 69 Years Of Experience 

Reiss & Co is dedicated to maximizing the value of agriculture, veterinary, information technology, and industrial health.

At Reiss & Co our team of experts is ready to assist you to make the right choice with regards to your needs.

Reiss & Co is also a member of the Ghana club 100.  

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